So I recently bought one of these “ESP8266 Weather Station sets” and got it running without any (major) problems using the Arduino IDE. I’m planning to switch to either Visual Studio Community Edition or Visual Studio Code though, as they promise to make things a bit easier in terms of source control, debugging etc.

The code for the Weather Station cycles through different screens that are shown on the OLED display (current weather, forecast for the next three days, …), so I thought this was a good starting point to add additional screens with information from other devices:

  • Fritz!Dect 200 switchable plug
  • Fritz!Dect 301 thermostat

For the Fritz!Dect 200 I happened to write a Universal Windows App back in the Windows Phone days (still the best smartphone OS imho). Based on that code I implemented another “screen” for the ESP8266 Weather Station, showing the state of the plug (switched on or off) and the room temperature (the Fritz!Dect 200 has a built-in temperature sensor).

The next step is to incorporate the Fritz!Dect 301 thermostat so that I can see what the current temperature and the target temperature is. I’ll post an update when this is implemented and also include some screenshots or photos.

Do you have any customisations or smart home ideas you’d like to share?

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