Following up on my last post, I wanted to provide you with a few more thoughts and details.

As you can see in the editor screenshots, I put the individual func_train entities (for the moving chain segments and the lift) into different positions to where they actually are in the game. The reason is the restriction mentioned before regarding the lighting: The func_train entities will move around the map from path_corner to path_corner while the game is running. The lighting, however, is static and calculated when building the map, based on where the lights are positioned around the func_train entity.

As both, the chain segments and the lifts, move through the large and quite high room shown in the screenshots below, there are different light effects within this room, but they won’t affect the func_train entities as they move through it. I could still have placed them within the room, but then e.g. the light just above the lava at the bottom of the room would still have shown as the chain segments and lifts move up, making it look more and more unrealistic (and vice versa when placing them further towards the top).

So as a compromise I decided to use flickering lights for the func_train entities and also within the larger room, making it less obvious that sometimes the lighting doesn’t really fit the position of the entities as they move.

func_train chain segment setup func_train lift setup

The result (and the issues mentioned above) can be seen on the following screenshots. The first one shows that the chain segment and the platform lighting don’t match, the second one (a fraction of a second later) looks okay while the third one shows matching lighting for the func_train entities, but here we have a mismatch with the lighting in the area around it.

Lift and chain segments of func_train in action (1/3)

Issues with different lighting (dark chain segments, lighter lift)

Lift and chain segments of func_train in action (2/3)

Here (due to the flickering light) it looks okay

Lift and chain segments of func_train in action (3/3)

Issues with different lighting (dark chain segments and lift, but brighter surrounding area)

So “in motion” I think the current setup is a compromise that does look okay within the game. The good thing about is that I now have the ability to use the “paternoster” style lifts attached to the chains that continuously keep going without ever stopping. What do you think?

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  1. Jon Cednert

    Hi! I’m bps.
    I really really like this look and feel of this, and the chain concept is superb and unique!
    How far gone is Fire, Water, Squish, in your opinion? Is it aimed for multiplayer at all? I’m curious since I’m working on MP maps solely.

    Do you happen to be on any of the many discords related to Quake1 and Q1 mapping?
    I’m mainly at the official Quakeworld server, welcome over: http://discord.quake.world/

    • tim

      Hi bps,

      Thanks for getting in touch and nice to hear that you like what you’ve seen of my map so far. I’d say that I’m probably about two thirds finished, though sometimes I get carried away with certain parts (e.g. the chains). The map is also solely targeted for multiplayer, so that should match with what you’re working on. Do you have a website or any maps on Quaddicted? I plan to post my map there once it’s finished.

  2. Jon Cednert

    Sounds great!
    Two thirds progress is far gone, nice job! I’m really curious to get my hands on this one 🙂

    No I don’t have any website for maps. I recently mad maphub_v1.bsp which has become the de facto default map on most servers today, just join any server and you’ll see it.

    Regarding Quaddicted. It’s a really great resource for maps, but I fear there’s a great divide between the QW community and that site. They’re just not intertwined. So I suggest posting it at quakeworld.nu to to gather feedback from the actual players. Also, I’m main admin of the QWiki (https://wiki.quakeworld.nu/wiki/), where I could give describe your map and make it visible.

    • tim

      Cool, I’ll definitely look into it. Great that there is still an active community after all those years. I could supply you with a preliminary version of my map, but as I said, it’s not finished yet (and lacks teleport targets, deathmatch starts, weapons and items etc.). But any kind of feedback is welcome, so just let me know if you’re interested.

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